About Auto Saw

 The AutoSaw is an automated saw that loads measures and cuts a board to the correct length with just the push of a button. Measure once cut once.

For those who frame buildings, it is common to take a measurement, go to the saw and: forget the measurement, measure the board wrong, or cut the board wrong.  These are three ways to waste time on the construction site.  AutoSaw intends to build a saw which can automatically dispense and cut boards.  Initially the product will focus on the automated cutting of wooden construction grade studs.  When a worker sends a measurement to the saw, the saw will automatically dispense the correct board, move it to the proper cutting length, cut the board, and remove the board from the system.  Other applications beyond studs were identified in our market survey, but initially the company will focus its resources on the stud cutting application.

Presentation at 1 Million Cups Fargo.