AutoSaw Team/Founders

Tom Kading, J.D./MBA – Project Integration and Strategy

Kading has been involved in various start up companies in fields relating to everything from agriculture to real estate to technology.  During law school Kading started the Precision family of companies which focused on real estate.  The companies have bought and sold single family homes and have been involved in a variety of commercial real estate deals. The idea of AutoSaw came from Kading and his real estate projects.  In addition to Kading’s professional house flipping, he is familiar with the construction industry and performs many projects himself.

In 2014 Kading was elected to the North Dakota State House of Representative. In 2017 Kading was nominated for the Prison Industries Board by Governor Doug Burgum.  Kading holds an engineering degree from NDSU, as well as Juris Doctor and Masters of Business Administration degrees from the University of North Dakota.

Aaron McWilliams – COO

McWilliams’ background involves invention, manufacturing and market introduction. In 2011, McWilliams invented and patented the spiral burning candle using a $40 candle kit and founded Spiral Light Candle Corp. This unique product features a spiral burning wick around a hollow candle making it the only candle in the world to burn in a circle and create a new candle around a standing wooden wick. By 2015, Spiral Light was working with over 150 sales reps from Japan, Canada, and the United States bringing the product line to more than 1200 retail locations. During McWilliams’ time with Spiral Light he refined the 13 step manufacturing process by personally building automated machines for his factory.

Mr. McWilliams was elected to the North Dakota House of Representatives in 2016 where he served on the Health and Human services and Agriculture committees.

Wes Henry – CIO, IT and Software Development

Henry has been a successful business owner for 18 years. During that time he has been involved in multiple technology businesses. In 1998 he co-founded Ignus Technologies in Fargo, ND. Ignus provided IT services, web design, and computer programming services and had clients from California to Washington D.C

Henry was also a co-founder of ConnectBooster, a national software as a service (SaaS) provider which created an online payments system for IT companies which helps them get paid more quickly, reducing accounts receivables, and saving them time and money. After growing ConnectBooster to over 200 clients across the United States, Henry sold his interest in ConnectBooster to his other business partners so that he could pursue his next venture.

In 2012, Henry co-founded True IT, a West-Fargo based technology company that provides managed IT services and software development for businesses in the upper Midwest.

Henry has over 35 years of experience in software development and over 25 years of experience in IT, has taught college courses in IT, software development, and database management, and published two books on Amazon.




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