Construction Automation

Construction Automation Market

Our market research indicates that there are approximately 729,345[1] contractors in the United States.  These contractors include everything from plumbing to road construction.  The contractors which are relevant to the AutoSaw are generally those who are involved in new building construction and building renovation.  Both commercial and residential contractors are potential customers.

Automation Technology is beginning to change the construction industry and it will continue to revolutionize the industry.  The construction industry is very broad and contains many different expert and industry professions.  One aspect of the industry in which Construction Automation, LLC will focus on is the automated cutting of lumber.  The company is in the process of developing a product they call AutoSaw.  Though automated cutting is possible in large industrial saw mills, such technology has not been used in the field on the construction site.  How our technology works is by uploading a measurement into the saw at which time it dispenses and cuts the board at exactly the right dimension.  Such automation helps increase efficiency, accuracy, and reduces the element of human error.  In addition, by reducing the labor necessary to complete construction projects, the AutoSaw will save money and reduce time needed to complete projects.